Sunday July 2

Dear Jim,

It’s been a long time since I have written to you. I have never gotten over you. I haven’t been able to fill the void you left.

Today I went to Capitol Park to observe a rally to impeach the president. There was only 160 people. It was the same old progressive bullshit: pro gay, pro unwed mother, the evil corporations, the wonderful non-western religions, the victims of white oppression.

Not a word about responsible parenting, how much unwed mothers cost the country, how there is nothing for boys and men to do except get fucked up and wander around.

It was a nice day. While I was sitting on the lawn, a young guy came up to me and handed me a flyer. We talked a few minutes.

He explained to me some of the things the rebellious young democrats are working on. They are trying to make the Dems the party of the people. I hope it happens.

It was nice to talk to a man. I ache so much to talk to men. Earlier in the rally I talked with a guy my age. He was wearing a marijuana baseball cap and a marijuana T-shirt. He showed me his ID for the marijuana dispensary.

He wants marijuana to be legalized. He told me a pollster said that most of the people who smoke dope are 65. Isn’t that incredible? My generation!

What was good about you is you hated the drug scene. It amazes me that so many people our age smoked dope every day until they were 40.

Which brings me to the impeachable president. He is the third boomer president and the third boomer president to be a teenager.

Slick Willie got a blow job from a 22 year old. Bush dressed as a pilot to pretend he was a warrior as he walked onto an aircraft carrier. This idiot constantly makes inappropriate remarks. At 70 he still wants to “Let it all hang out man.”

Well, that’s it for now Jim.

I will write later.



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