The Writings of David Vaszko

Thank you for reading Graffiti Poems.

In April there will be twelve essays – Sacramento’s Trees. Most of the essays will be short. Three of them will be divided into two or three postings.

Thank you to everybody who enjoyed San Francisco Poems.

Thank you to all the followers, viewers, and visitors who enjoyed Baseball Poems.

The following books provided information for Baseball Poems:
The Old Ball Game: how John McGraw, Christy Mathewson, and the New York Giants created modern baseball. Deford, Frank 2005 Grove Press

Iron Man McGinnity: A Baseball Biography. Doxsie, Don 2009 McFarland and Company

Ty Cobb: His Tumultuous Life and Times. Bak, Richard 1994 Taylor Publishing Company

The black prince of baseball: Hal Chase and the mythology of baseball. Dewey, Donald and Acocella, Nicholas 2004 Sport Classic Books

Thank you to everyone who followed, liked, viewed and visited Capitol Park Poems.

Ban-Roll-On-Building first appeared in Sacramento News & Review.

Waging Peace first appeared in Sacramento News & Review.

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