No eye contact

Freedom has always been the most important ideal to me. I lusted to be free when I was young. I loved the wide-open spaces. I loved the anonymity of cities. I loved the freedom of movement in America. I loved America.

Now I feel unfree. I do not feel anonymous. I am not anonymous. I am not free to wander. There are cameras and microphones everywhere. Most people fear strangers. I am looked upon suspiciously. I no longer love America.

There was an article in the New York Times about Muslim women who had emigrated to Europe or Great Britain. One of the women said, ”Every time I visit Morocco, I feel and see more freedom than here in the West.”

I do not know Europe, so I will substitute America for the West.

Maybe in Morocco there is not a security guard outside every office building, or security cameras in every building. I would be surprised if there isn’t. Maybe in Morocco everyone does not need a badge to get into work, but I am sure that they do. A lot of people, especially women, like having security badges, security personnel and surveillance cameras. It makes them feel safe.

Do Moroccans have to get fingerprinted and go through a background check before being hired? Do they have to do those things even if they do volunteer work?

Are Moroccans told “Our neighbors are watching you.”? Are there public sevice messages saying to report suspicious looking people to the police – we have to protect the children? Oh yes the children.

Do Moroccans fear being accused of child abuse for spanking their brat? If a man smiles at a child or talks to a child in Morocco, does he worry about being called a pervert?

Does everybody in Morocco feel that they are being fucked, that they have the right to sue somebody because they tripped over the bicycle of that person’s child?

Outside apartment houses in Morroco, are there boxes with a key to the building so the police can enter – to keep Moroccans safe? Are there motion detectors everywhere in Morocco? Are Moroccans scared shitless of everyone and everything? Do they fear night time? Are they people just like us?

I hope not.

Can you pee in Morocco without having to buy something? Do Moroccan cities have benches, drinking fountains, picnic tables with umbrellas?

The woman is right. We are not free in America. We refuse to admit it. You cannot have a beer and a cigarette in a park, but the troops are fighting for our freedom.

I will rewrite the woman’s quote:

Every time I go outside,
I feel less free and see less freedom.

Copyright © 2022 by David Vaszko

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