Sunday, October 22

Dear Jim,

It´s the Dodgers v. s. Astros in the World Series. I´m glad eastern teams are not in it. Houston plays in a dome. It isn´t going to be cold or rainy in L. A.

The season is already too long. I don´t want a rain delay.

Today I was telling dad the Astros used to be the Colt 45´s. How Texan. I don´t know if the name was changed to be modern or because of political correctness.

It´s been a stressful week. My mouth is still recuperating from gum surgery.

I was going through all my papers and cupboards to see what I can throw away. I made four trips to the donation store with my day pack full. I threw out a kettle, toaster, waffle iron, a card table. I will be throwing out a big pitcher, a crock pot, and a 4 inch pile of notes I took.

I am worried the landlord will raise the rent or evict us. He hired a property manager because he cannot do as much work here as he used to. He´s 80. So, I want to be ready to move quickly and easily.

It´s amazing. I have only kept a few books: a bible in Spanish, two Spanish poetry books, a small Spanish verb book, a Spanish/English dictionary, a small English dictionary, a Ty Cobb book, and the family bible. I love the family bible. So does Sis II. I think we all loved it.

Remember all the books you had? They were in dad´s garage until at least 2000. I brought Why Catholics Can´t Sing back to Sacramento. I loved it. I underlined in it. I kept it until last year.

A friend of mine joined the choir at his church. He can´t sing either, but at least he sings in key. I would love to be in a choir. I wonder how often a choir feels like one – like they are experiencing God.



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