Friday, July 14

Dear Jim,

It’s a nice morning. I’m sitting outside at that coffee shop I was telling you about. Today there is no paper. The staff is courteous, but they don’t have the razzle dazzle the staff six months ago did.

I’m exhausted. Last night I finished a book by an English agriculturalist who traveled to France in 1787, 8, and 9. He wanted to study French farming.

I wasn’t interested in the farming, but in his comments about the French and mainly the revolution. It has always interested me.

I loved Tocqueville’s book explaining how the revolution came about. I’ve read articles about the revolution and some speeches from it. There’s a weekly freebie that ran three essays describing how the revolution set the foundation for communism.

I read letters an English woman wrote from Paris in 1790. On the day celebrating the first anniversary of the fall of the Bastille, there was a parade. Priests were forced into it to take on the role of women.

At noon on that day, a national oath was taken throughout the kingdom. Wow! That scares me. Did the Church ever require that?

In one city Catholics and Protestants took the oath together at one altar. How’s that for progressivism and reconciliation?

Here’s the killer. A few letters later she said at a cathedral there was a banner at the altar: Let us live free or die.

You know they were not talking metaphorically – live your truth or the Lord’s truth or else your soul will die. They were talking literally – kill the priests and nobles before they kill you.

One of the things she and the agriculturalist said was that the revolution was loud, filled with hate, and rude. Violent too.

The gentleman told about the time he was stopped by peasants because he wasn’t wearing a peasant’s hat that symbolized the revolution. He was afraid. He told them he wasn’t a noble, just an Englishman. They let him go after a priest came over and broke their rhythm by giving them an update from Paris. But they made him buy a peasants hat, then put it on his head.

Not securely. As he was crossing the river the hat fell off and he lost it. Then he was stopped again. They were meaner than before.

There was no one to save him except himself. He knew they would love to kill him like they did the aristocrats. He tried to tell them he was just an Englishman passing through and that he wasn’t a noble, but they didn’t buy it. So he thought, “Oh shit!”, then told them – Fellas. Let’s be realistic. Taxes are part of life. But in England we do it right. Only the rich pay taxes. They pay taxes on each window they have in their mansion. They are taxed on all their expensive stuff they pamper themselves with. In England rich people even have to pay a tax to help poor people. Isn’t that the way it should be? “Long live the people without taxation!” They all shouted YEAH!! then let him go. This time he made sure his hat stayed on.

It’s funny the peasants allowed the priest to interrupt them when they were interrogating the Englishman. We’re told that the people of the revolution hated the Church. I think it was mainly educated non-nobles who hated it.

At least five years ago I read that in France in small towns, people had designated seats at Mass. If you didn’t show up, “Where’s Vaszko?” People even had a place next to them for their dog.

One of the things I learned last night was that the Jacobin’s received their name because they met at the church of St. Jacques. The bastards used the facility of an organization they hated to make plans to destroy it and to kill and terrorize priests.

A lot of priests think the same thing can happen here. You know what Jim, it is artists and people on the left who want it to happen and would love to participate in its’ destruction. I am surprised that nobody in America cares that Muslims are killing Christians in the Middle East. I think that if ISIS blew up the Vatican, America’s left would rejoice.

I’ve heard about punks who steal statues from a Catholic church, then smash them to smithereens outside the church. The Church doesn’t like it, but tries to be forgiving and diplomatic.

The Church should tell its’ members that “This is something worth killing and dying for. If you see thugs destroying a statue of Jesus, Mary, or a saint, do something. They are trying to destroy everything you believe in – physically, politically, and spiritually.”

Oh boy. I don’t know what I would do. We freeze. “How can anybody do that?” But they do and they love it.

When a church is vandalized or destroyed, the media says the act is wrong. But the media never says we are a godless society and we need God more than prosperity or equality.

I don’t know if you would like our pope. He doesn’t seem to care that Western culture has been destroyed. The guy before him did. The artists and educated people hated him. I loved him. What an intellect!

One of the things the agriculturalist said about the French Revolution reminds me of two things I should have done. He said that the king and nobles did not stand up for themselves when the people and their hate-filled inciters called for a one chamber government and death to the clergy and nobles. He said that there were at least 40,000 nobles. They should have joined the army to help try to put down the revolution.

I wish I had spoken against the gays and the feminists in the 80’s. I should have said fuck you I have a great dad. I should have said you guys don’t understand that having sex with every asshole in town is the utmost in perversion.

You agreed with me. We should have fought.

Now I’m a potential rapist.

That’s all bro.



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