Fell street exit

Returning from a cross country trip in 1975,
I whooped in astonishment as I drove up the
Fell Street hill after 2000 miles of flat.

Revving up from the bowels of the city
Leery and exhilirated
You see fog attack the sun
Block after block
Until fog wins
And you feel creepy
Running on empty
Wind out of your sails
It never fails.
Rather than sunshine at the end of a fabled nation
There’s cold wind and trees
Dripping all this condensation.

Copyright © 2022 by David Vaszko

The con men

When poets proudly said fuck you in this city, they betrayed its’ sacredness
and beauty as a place of hope, as the place to come to purify yourself,
scale the heights, face your darkness in this divine and intense light.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Against the elders’ claim any fool can be a drunk, a sex hound, poets
screeched drunks and sex hounds have a right and duty to be profane, to
lead San Francisco’s youth away from demanding vision, to create heights
as selfish and false as skyscrapers to come.

Copyright © 2022 by David Vaszko


Jesus and the boys ventured to Sausalito.
Bundled in the cold,
Jesus surveyed hills around the bay,
Wind in his face.

Anchoring in Richardson’s water, https://historicalmarkerproject.com/markers/HM1XM0_william-richardson-historical_Sausalito-CA.html
He walked on shore observing a lunatic.
Jesus said “I can handle this.”
Having met his match,
Jesus tried again:
Hocus pocus help me focus
Remove his demons so he stops screamin.
Reaching from the bottom of his being,
Jesus channeled the lunatics depths,
Holding his breathe,
Gasping ”Come out you things!”
Teetering, Jesus couldn’t contain them all.
Not wanting to fall,
He thought of hogs he saw grazin,
Then spun, casting them the lunatic’s devils.
Now they’re crazin
Running to the water to drown,
As everyone in town wailed
“Who is this clown?”

Going back to the boat,
The guys headed into Richardson’s Bay,
Another gray day. Another person saved.
Townspeople felt like Captain Richardson,
Animals slaughtered,
Watching idiots sail away.

Copyright © 2022 by David Vaszko